Sole Responsibility
How to run a Waldorf School


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Translated by Geoff Hunter 

About "Sole Responsibilty"

This book takes a critical look at how Waldorf Schools are run and reveals the weaknesses: not enough responsibility, too much untapped potential, too ineffective. But the book also contains success stories, using a new approach. It points the way to genuine responsibility and high effectivity, it tells how parents and pupils can have real participation in running the school and it develops a clear picture of what “running a school” means, as opposed to simple “administration.”

The Author

Valentin Wember studied philosophy, literature, music and science of education in Hamburg, Berlin and Stuttgart. For 28 years, Wember worked with great conviction and enthusiasm as a Waldorf teacher in Stuttgart and Tübingen.

He also worked in teacher training in the USA, Switzerland and Germany. Along with being a Waldorf teacher, Wember has worked for many years in organization development, e.g. for a large South-German trade association, with the emphasis on forms of management and change management. „Sole Responsibility“ was sold out in Germany after 9 months.


  1. Introduction
  2. Searching for alternatives
  3. A short historical review
  4. Shrinking responsibility
  5. The glory and the misery of unanimity
  6. The crux of the principle of majority rule
  7. He who dares, wins – 
  8. A question of trust
  9. Everyone participates – but how?
  10. Revolution – literally
  11. Transparent and non-transparent power
  12. A respublic of kings
  13. Tricky decisions
  14. Why choose opponents?
  15. A republic of kings - parents and teachers
  16. Snowballs, mobile phones and alcohol
  17. Tools of the trade
  18. Individual solutions instead of recipes
  19. Finding people to take on responsibility
  20. The young colleagues – a plea for a training course on responsibility
  21. The new-look Thursday
  22. Personal requirements
  23. A new celebration for Waldorf Schools: the corner-stone celebration
  24. On the guiding spirit of an organization
  25. Not just a question of courage

Appendix I A small governing body – the pros and cons

Appendix II Alternative rhythms for the corner-stone celebration


A refreshing analysis. The book, with its practical suggestions, can make us optimistic about the future.

Florian Osswald, Dornach

Head of the pedagogical department

A book, which can set a lot in motion: written from practical experience and designed to be put into practice, innovative while being right at the heart of the Waldorf School idea.

Rembert Biemond, Stockholm

Culture entrepreneur

A revolutionary book and a real challenge for the Waldorf School movement.

Edward Warren, Oslo

Class teacher, formerly McKinsey, Norway

This shows how to slice through a Gordian knot – but in a nice way.

Dr. Christoph Hueck, Stuttgart

Professor at the free university

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