About Us

The special task of STRATOS BOOKS is to gather and publish the pedagogical methods of Waldorf-Education.

In 2012 the german Waldorf-teacher Valentin Wember started a scientific research on the methods of Waldorf-Education. He tried to get an overview on all the specific methods.

Wember had to reread roundabout 24 Volumes by Rudolf Steiner, mostly lectures, Steiner gave for the first teachers or for the public from 1919 to 1924, but also the 3 volumes, which contain all the protocols of the teacher-meetings during the foundation-period.

By doing this Wember started gathering the methods, for instance all the methods for developing the will forces, all the methods for developing the feeling-forces, how to deepen them , all the methods for educating the social skills and – most surprising – all the methods on how to develop self-esteem and above all: how to let the students find their own identity and even their own eternal identity.

In Germany the publisher "STRATOSVERLAG" started to publish these method-collections with a volume, which contains 60 pieces of advices on how to educate the willing forces. The publisher will continue the work and finish in 2019.

By researching the methods Wember came across a surprising insight: He did not only get an overview of the methods – he also got an overview of the entire organism of Waldorf-Education, not only parts of it but  the mutual connections between the parts.

Finally Wember discovered that we have 5 different dimensions in Waldorf-Education. And every dimension hast its own 5 or 7 or 12 essentials.

Why is this important? It is absolutely important for running a Waldorfschool, because on has to distinguish between “Leadership” and “Management”. It is a totally different question: How to lead a Waldorfschool and how to manage a Waldorfschool.

According to Marvin Bower, everywhere in the world and in every organisation ‘leadership’ has two main talks:

The first task: to optimize and extend the company mission from year to year.

The second task: leadership means enabling as many co-workers as possible to lead.

That means: If you want to optimize and extend the company mission you have to be clear about it: “What is our mission?”

On this background the webshop "Stratos Books" was founded in order to make the english and spanish translations of "The 5 Dimensions of Waldorf-Education" and "Sole Responsibilty", a Book on management principles, available for the english and spanish speaking Waldorf-World.