The Five Dimensions of Waldorfeducation
Overviews. Commentaries. History. Perspectives. Translated by John Weedon


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This new bestseller by Valentin Wember shows the original mission of Waldorf education: 

it is meant to introduce a Copernican turning-point in education. 

It was to be a pioneering project for centuries to come.

Astoundingly, “The five Dimensions of Waldorf Education” is the first account of Waldorf education, which portrays all its aspects and not just excerpts. Above all, it lays bare Waldorf education’s ‘DNA’, which is needed for the further development of Waldorf schools in the future.

Even experienced teachers give remarkable feedback on reading it:

“An amazing book: it makes a lot of facts transparent, of which I may say, I was not aware of that”.

“I had hardly any idea of the third dimension of Waldorf education. A lot of the methods of the second dimension were unknown to me. To my mind the spiritual dimension of Waldorf education had never been described so openly, comprehensively or objectively before”.

“I knew only little about the actual educational aims of Waldorf education, for I thought until then that Waldorf education is a better variation of the state school system because it is easier on the pupils. The fact that it was meant to be a matter of a “turning point of time” in education was new to me”.

“I had no idea the banning of Waldorf schools in the Nazi period has affected them world-wide to this day”.

“The perspectives that the book gives for the further development of the schools are pioneering, well-grounded and practicable. It is an eye-opening book, for which we cannot be too grateful.”

“Every trainee teacher should read this book before they go into Waldorf teaching”.

“We shall hand out this book in future to all new class one parents so that they know what it is about and what it is not about”.

“There are a lot of books about the Waldorf schools, but there is no better account of Waldorf education as a whole. Thank you.”

Some of the Contents

Part 1

Pictures with Contrasting 

1. Overexposed: the Hype about Intelligence

2. Underexposed: Dealing with Feelings

3. Not at all Exposed: Late Effects on Health

Part 2 


1. The Basic Elements from1919: The “big 12”

2. Methods in five Areas

3. Seven Navigating Instruments for Education in the Future

4. The Spiritual Dimension of Waldorf Education

5. Enthusiasm of the Heart

Part 3 


A. The Guiding Stars of a Long-term Project Explanations of the Essentials of the third Dimension

1. Effects on the Physical Body

2. Long-term Effects on the Physical Body

3. Taking Account of Hormonal Changes

4. The New Function of Learning Material

5. Adults’ Work on Themselves

6. The new Setting of Goals for Schools and Education

7. Alpha and Omega: Everything from spiritual Anthropology

B. The Flexible Stability of the “Big 12” Explanations of the Essentials of the First Dimension

C. Who is Afraid of the Living Spirit?
Clarifications of the Essentials of the fourth Dimension

1. The original cultural Task of the Waldorf School

2. The Second Teacher in the everyday Teacher

3. The Relationship to Anthroposophy

4. The Relationship to Rudolf Steiner

5. The Relationship to the Third Hierarchy

6. The Relationship to the Michael Impulse

7. The Relationship to the Christ Impulse

D. Integrating Death for a Stronger Life
Explanations of the Essentials of the Fifth Dimension

Part 4 


1. 1933 and its Long Shadow

2. 1966 Cultural Revolution and the Ideal of Equality

3. The Creation of the Uebermensch, for the Third Time

Part 5 


1. Getting our Bearings. 12 Different Interpretations

2. Fundamental Laws of Organic Development

3. Free Decisions

4. Wise and Transparent Decisions

5. Essential Requirements for the Collegiate Running of a School

6. Waldorf . 100 per Cent. For Everyone!

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